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Archive for May, 2009

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Hayden Trees Lounge

Hayden is my favourite Canadian singer songwriter. He writes these brilliant songs about everyday feelings and situations that can sometimes be quirky and uplifting and, at other times, quite bone chilling and unsettling. At other times, such as the case with Trees Lounge, he rocks out to rather disturbing subject matter. “Hey Bill, did you […]

Aunt Martha's Sheep

This is a fun song from the Canadian province of Newfoundland, where the boys know how to party! This version of Aunt Martha’s Sheep is sung by Dick Nolan and I remember hearing it every Sunday afternoon when I was a kid and my Dad used to listen to a radio show called “Newfie 30”. […]

Odds Wendy Under The Stars

This is a really cool song about a milf by a Canadian band called (the) Odds, that I used to love singing around the campfire with friends, back when I had a girlfriend named Wendy. I miss those days. Life was simple then… Anyway, this is taken from Canada’s music video tv station, Much Music, […]

Alanis Morissette My Humps

Yes, Alanis Morissette is a good Canadian gal, but I didn’t want to show any of her typical music videos because too many people have strong opinions about their message, and I wanted to show the lighter side of Alanis. She started off her career as a fluffy, pop singer, ya know! This girl has […]

Canadian Police Car Chase

This is what a Canadian police car chase is like in the winter. The snow and ice really slows down the high speed aspect of driving. I think the cops in Canada would be better off chasing the bad guys in a snowmobile…or maybe a tow truck! Funny video!!

The Tragically Hip Nautical Disaster

One of my favourite songs of all time, The Tragically Hip “Nautical Disaster” is one of those rare rock songs that is about a tragedy, but yet is not some sentimental sounding ballad. It has an intensity that lasts right until the very last note. This music video kicks ass! Canada rocks, and this song […]

Bubbles Sings Liquor And Whores

The Trailer Park Boys on a TV special with all the camping gear, including lawn chairs, right on stage! Bubbles warms up the crowd with his song “Liquor and Whores” where he sings about how much he thoroughly enjoys “cigarettes and dope and mustard and baloney and liquor and whores!”. Can you picture that being […]

Sandbox Mike Smith Bubbles

Some of you might know that Mike Smith, who plays Bubbles on the Trailer Park Boys show, was also the guitarist for an east coast Canadian band called Sandbox. While reading some of the comments on the band’s youtube videos, it was apparent that people were only interested in watching the videos to see “Bubbles” […]

Trailer Park Boys Tragically Hip The Darkest One

This is the coolest representation of Canadian culture in a music video that I’ve ever seen! The song is The Darkest One by The Tragically Hip (one of the best Canadian bands EVER!) featuring Ricky, Julian and Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys TV show (one of the most popular Canadian TV shows ever). The […]

Sloan Coax Me

What can I say? I love Sloan! Coax Me was once voted the best Canadian song ever written and is from their Twice Removed album, which a music magazine reader poll named the best Canadian album of all time. Their record label back then, Geffen, didn’t promote it and subsequently dropped the band, yet it […]

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