Aunt Martha's Sheep

This is a fun song from the Canadian province of Newfoundland, where the boys know how to party! This version of Aunt Martha’s Sheep is sung by Dick Nolan and I remember hearing it every Sunday afternoon when I was a kid and my Dad used to listen to a radio show called “Newfie 30”. It was a half hour of toe tappin’ accordian and fiddle music from NFLD that had lyrics you could actually listen to as if the singer was telling you a story. Great Canuck stuff it is!

This youtube music video of the tune features the parts acted out as the terrible tale unfolds of the good ol’ boys who stole poor Aunt Martha’s Sheep (played by Dolly), and the mountie who vows to catch the thieves, but gets duped into eating some Moose instead.

So, invite a few friends over, grab some beer, crank it up and enjoy!!

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