Canadian Bands And Canuck Stuff

I’m from Canada, eh?! Yes, us Canucks all love hockey and beer and eat copious amounts of Kraft Dinner (good ol’ macaroni and cheese!). No, we do not live in igloos and catch fish all day long! It does not snow all year round here either! Remember that.

Sure, we talk different, but we do NOT say “a-BOOT”!! Well, at least not all of us, anyway. We spell it flavour, not flavor. We have neighbours, not neighbors. And we cash our cheques (instead of checks) to buy more booze. Molsons, of course.

We are proud of our Canadian bands and music. We don’t have any prefab, wind blown, pansy ass little boy bands. We play REAL music, dammit! We’ve got The Hip and Stompin’ Tom! American Woman is OUR song, written by a Canuck!! So there!!!

My aim is to turn this blog into a showcase for canuck stuff, cool Canadian bands and as much about our culture that I can post before needing another shot of KD. Speaking of which, I have a pot of it cooking on the stove right now…gotta run!!

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