Hayden Trees Lounge

Hayden is my favourite Canadian singer songwriter. He writes these brilliant songs about everyday feelings and situations that can sometimes be quirky and uplifting and, at other times, quite bone chilling and unsettling. At other times, such as the case with Trees Lounge, he rocks out to rather disturbing subject matter.

“Hey Bill, did you ever kill anybody?”
“What kind of an ASSHOLE question is that?”
“I mean in Korea?”
“What CAREER???”
(the vid has an edit from the original)

Trees Lounge is a movie set in a bar of the same name starring Steve Buscemi as a down on his luck alcoholic who just can’t seem to get a break. There is a pick up line that he uses on a woman at the bar that goes: “You have a pretty name. You’re pretty like your name. Let’s play a drinking game. And if if I win I get to take you home, and if you win you go home with me.” that is used in the lyrics as well.

The song was written by both Hayden (Paul Hayden Desser) and Buscemi and the music video features a band playing outside the bar made up of some of the barfly characters introduced in the film. There’s not a lot of action in the film, as it’s more of a character study, and the Trees Lounge music video actually sums up the entire thing in only 4 minutes!

Great tune…turn it up!!

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