Jay And Silent Bob On Degrassi With Alanis


One of the most popular shows in Canada is a teen drama called “Degrassi: The Next Generation” and I used to watch the original series back when it was called “The Kids Of Degrassi Street” in the 80’s. I’ve also bought gum and pop (not soda!) at the general store often shown in the original show. Ah, memories!

Anyway, a few years ago the well known director Kevin Smith brought his crew to the set of the school to film 3 episodes for season 4 with the premise of doing a movie called “Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, eh!”. The funniest part of the whole thing is this short clip of Alanis Morissette playing the principal and giving the boys a bit of a “tongue lashing”. She even wacks Jay with a hockey stick! lol

The embedding for the video was disabled, but you can go right to the clip itself here or just click the pic to go to it. I encourage anyone who is a fan of either the Degrassi High shows or of Smith’s films to get the dvd called “Jay And Silent Bob Do Degrassi” for the full version ‘cuz it’s freakin’ hilarious!!

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