Trailer Park Boys Tragically Hip The Darkest One


This is the coolest representation of Canadian culture in a music video that I’ve ever seen! The song is The Darkest One by The Tragically Hip (one of the best Canadian bands EVER!) featuring Ricky, Julian and Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys TV show (one of the most popular Canadian TV shows ever).

The video also has a cameo by our most famous sports commentator, Don Cherry, playing the part of the chicken delivery guy. One interesting fact that most people outside Canada would miss is that the money they use to pay for the food is from old Canadian bills that we don’t use anymore. Our $1 and $2 bills were replaced with the “loonie” and “twonie” coins many years ago.

Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip not only is a cool singer, but I think he’d make a good actor as well. One bucket!! lol…great! Music and beer and good times with friends…that’s what life is all about!

No video embed on this one, but you can watch it directly on youtube here, or click on the pic to go there as well. Enjoy!!

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