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Archive for June, 2009

The Big Snit

The Big Snit is an Oscar nominated NFB animated film by Richard Condie from 1985 that takes an interesting approach to the topic of nuclear war breaking out in the middle of a domestic dispute over a game of Scrabble. “Why are you always shaking your eyes?!” he asks, when she complains that he saws […]

McGarrigle Sisters Log Driver's Waltz

The McGarrigle Sisters “Log Driver’s Waltz” version is a classic Canada animated vignette directed by John Weldon in 1979 for the National Film Board (NFB) and based on the Canadian folk song by Wade Hemsworth of the same name. Sung by the Mountain City Four (which included Kate and Anna McGarrigle), it is the tale […]

Sarah Polley Courage

This one is a cover of the song Courage (originally by The Tragically Hip) sung by the great Canadian actor (and now director!) Sarah Polley, from the movie The Sweet Hereafter. It’s one of those movies that is difficult to watch for many people because of it’s emotional subject matter, conveyed intelligently by one of […]

Indio Big Hard Sun

This is a song called “Big Hard Sun” by Indio from the album Big Harvest, featuring the violin playing of Hugh Marsh, and masterfully written by Gordon Peterson. It’s one of those powerful sounding anthems that makes a great tune for listening, and as a cover as well, since it was recently sung by Eddie […]