McGarrigle Sisters Log Driver's Waltz

The McGarrigle Sisters “Log Driver’s Waltz” version is a classic Canada animated vignette directed by John Weldon in 1979 for the National Film Board (NFB) and based on the Canadian folk song by Wade Hemsworth of the same name.

Sung by the Mountain City Four (which included Kate and Anna McGarrigle), it is the tale of a girl who is courted by all sorts of well to-do “doctors and merchants and lawyers”, but none of them suit her tastes as much as the log driver, who dances better than any of them. This is due to his deft footwork “birling down” on logs all day long which is why, according to the song, “A log driver’s waltz pleases girls completely”.

The Log Drivers Waltz video is a much loved piece of Canadiana that was often seen on TV sets across the country for years. I hope you enjoy watching it now as much as I did many years ago!

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