Dave Carroll United Breaks Guitars

Canadian singer Dave Carroll, from the local Halifax, Nova Scotia band Sons Of Maxwell, had a nasty experience with United Airlines last year and he decided to make a video about it. It seems the airline baggage handlers roughed up his $3500 Taylor guitar and they refused to fix it! After 9 months of being denied compensation, he finally decided to take matters into his own hands and do what any creative musician would do in his situation…he wrote a song about it!

United Breaks Guitars video is the first in a 3 part series about his ordeal and he promises 2 more to follow. Maybe the company will do their own video response as well? They could call it “We Never Broke Nothin’!!” perhaps??

No, wait! They never said they didn’t break it…in fact, they acknowledged that they DID destroy it…they just don’t care.

Yeah, United breaks guitars…

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