Friendly Giant TV Show

The Friendly Giant TV show was a classic Canadian children’s program that ran from the 1950’s through to the 80’s and, along with Mr. Dressup, was a staple of every childhood memory from the east to the west coast. The shows were only 15 minutes long and featured Bob Homme as FG and puppeteer Rod Coneybeare as Rusty the Rooster and Jerome the Giraffe.

This was not your average kids show. It featured classical compositions and renaissance music that introduced many of the young viewers (and their parents) to songs they would otherwise never hear. The Friendly Giant opening theme instrumental itself is the old English folk song called “Early One Morning” (this is sung with lyrics as well). Bob Homme played the recorder while John Duncan played harp accompaniment. When additional musicians were needed Friendly was joined by Angie and Fiddle (aka “The Jazz Cats”).

I’ve posted 2 clips here because I wanted to show a good representation of the opening and closing credits, plus I wanted to include other iconic moments such as The Friendly Giant’s boot (“look up…look waayyy up!”), the chairs, his whistle to Jerome and the cow jumping over the moon. The intro video also includes some great old Canadian TV commercials for Participaction, Fraggle Rock and the popular Beachcomers show (another favorite of mine!). *Note: Youtube removed the version with the ads, so I’ve replaced it with the Halloween episode!

I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane with The Friendly Giant and friends as much as I did…

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