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Archive for September, 2009

Sarah Harmer Basement Apartment

I’ve always liked Sarah Harmer’s sweet vocal abilities, ever since I first heard her when she was in the band Weeping Tile. While that band sounded more raw and rock oriented than Sarah’s folk and country influenced solo albums, anything with her singing in it is still worth listening to on a perfect day. The […]

Blue Rodeo 5 Days In May

Blue Rodeo “5 Days In May” is from their Five Days In July CD, which had several laid back radio friendly singles. But, then again, that could describe pretty much ANY of their releases. These guys have had a string of successful hit songs and albums over their 20+ year career and are easily one […]

Skydiggers What Do You See

This is the music video for the Skydiggers “What Do You See?” single off their Road Radio album. It’s one of those catchy 90’s Canadian rock tunes that you can blast from your car with the top down, cruising down a long, country highway with reckless abandon. Crank it!! The song features the vocal talents […]