Skydiggers What Do You See

This is the music video for the Skydiggers “What Do You See?” single off their Road Radio album. It’s one of those catchy 90’s Canadian rock tunes that you can blast from your car with the top down, cruising down a long, country highway with reckless abandon. Crank it!!

The song features the vocal talents of band members Andy Maize and Peter Cash (co-written with his brother Andrew). It is my humble opinion that Andrew Cash is one of Canada’s best songwriters and it’s a damn shame that he hasn’t released more music for me to listen to constantly on my stereo until the neighbours are humming along with me.

As the story goes, Peter left the Skydiggers to form the Cash Brothers with Andrew and the diggers continued on without him. I have to state, for the record, that ANYTHING these guys do is great. Whether it’s listening to a Skydiggers CD or the Cash Brothers or Andrew Cash solo…it’s ALL good. In fact, if you find music recorded by ANY of these guys then I suggest you buy it immediately! Ok, gushfest is over!

The first time I watched a live Skydiggers show was way back in the late 80’s when they were the opening band for Blue Rodeo doing a college tour. It was, and still is, the BEST live gig I’ve ever attended, and I’ve seen a LOT of concerts. You could very much tell that both bands truly loved playing live and were there for the music and the fans and nothing else mattered.

Blue Rodeo actually did something like 5 encores that night and, even after most of the audience had left the building, they still came back to play another encore for the hardcore fans (like myself) who were still listening. Their keyboardist at the time, Bob Wiseman, had a multicoloured keyboard and did his solo single “Airplane On The Highway” (anyone remember that one?). Awesome!

Enjoy listening to Skydiggers – What Do You See right here on!

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