Matthew Good Band – Hello Time Bomb Music Video

The Matthew Good Band emerged from the “geek rock” ashes of the early to mid 90’s, made popular mostly by Weezer, and became one of the biggest bands in Canada at the time. They eventually fell apart when the leader, Matt Good, went on to pursue a solo career after their last album, The Audio Of Being, was released in 2001.

This is the Hello Time Bomb music video that came out in 1999 from their huge selling CD, Beautiful Midnight, which had several hit songs on the radio. It was a time of stardom, but also of turmoil and Matt gained a reputation for being difficult in interviews and among his bandmates.

Matthew Good also happens to be one of my favourite musicians of all time. When I first heard his music I was amazed that it was EXACTLY what I wanted to hear in a song…the lyrics, the guitar hooks, and even the subtle flourishes in the background that most people miss. I thought “this is rock music AS IT SHOULD BE!”

As a solo artist now his music has matured, with words about war, politics and dealing with mental illness, and it’s even more meaningful. He’s been known to speak out about how much he hates what he wrote during his MGB days, and I’m sure this post would make him cringe, but in all fairness everyone starts somewhere in order to mature later on, so consider this video as one of the seeds that allowed him, and me, to grow on.

I will be posting his newer stuff as well, but I wanted to start with this one to form some context for later on. Enjoy it for what it is…GOOD ROCK MUSIC!!

Trivia bit: The bass player, Rich Priske, had just joined them at the time this was filmed and is seen in the vid wearing a white button that says “I’m New”. I met him after one of their shows and he’s a really cool guy!

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