Wintersleep – Dead Letter & The Infinite Yes

Powerful song with very meaningful lyrics. This plays during a scene on the show Being Human (filmed in Montreal) while the vampire character Aiden is with a dying patient. It’s one of my favourite Wintersleep songs, and I’m a huge fan of the band. Got to see them playing a free show live in Halifax on Canada Day 2012 and it was an awesome experience.

I don’t usually post full lyrics, but these words by singer Paul Murphy are so well put that I felt they needed to be read by everyone.

“I found a letter it read
‘Our existence has serious side effects’
Turned on the television
It’s telling me the world is collapsing
I think it’s coming and it comes so fast
I’m hearing whispers of an infinite yes
And I don’t know why it is
Our bodies are dead, why you look so sad?

And my therapist said
‘We’ve evolved through a series of accidents’
There’s been talk of chemical imbalances
Restless sense of detachment, nausea and or violence

I think it’s coming and it comes so fast
I’m hearing whispers of an infinite yes
And I don’t know why it is
I feel it coming, I think it’s real and significant
I think I think I think a little too often
That’s what my therapist said
We’re alone in this wilderness
Left to choke on the pills and to feed on the viruses
I think it’s coming and it comes so fast

I think it’s coming and it comes so fast
I’m hearing whispers of an infinite yes
Our bodies are dead, why you look so sad…”

Watch and listen to “Wintersleep – Dead Letter And The Infinite Yes” here:

What does the song mean to you? Is it about global warming, religion, personal struggles, death, or…? Please comment below!


2 Responses to “Wintersleep – Dead Letter & The Infinite Yes”

  1. M. Bella Says:
    July 2nd, 2013 at 7:42 pm

    I’ll let my ramblings begin….lol

    As with life; we all have experienced and witnessed various adaptations and traumas; not just through our own eyes, but through the eyes of others. The generations of our loved ones, friends, and community members teach us about how they had once lived, what they had witnessed. The ever-growing changes in society, government, economy, etc. they had to come to terms with, as it was out of their control.

    In the span of our life time, we observe the changes that our own bodies go through; whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual… In addition, this includes having made observations of how others live their lives in today’s society. It goes from the obvious problems being, homeless people on the streets, drugs/addicts, increasing violence, etc; to things that are more obscure, such as governmental and political changes/scandals/corruption, economy drainage which directly causes the increase in cost of living, job losses, constant budget cuts making various critical services unattainable (healthcare, education, etc). These accounts do not end in an individual’s home, immediate family, community, or town; nor does it stop in the next city, province, state or country.

    In society today, we witness copious amounts of these experiences through the continuous advancements of technology. Having the media at our finger tips makes worldwide events easily accessible for all to see; unlike years ago when the Internet was unheard of and before televisions had existed, the knowledge of the “outside world” was not as plentiful, as they did not have the means to retrieve it. The majority of the population today live by their cellular phones (IPhone, Samsung, etc), texting, calling, going on the Web; making physical contact “unnecessary”.

    Social media makes it possible view how other people deal with disasters (natural or manmade), sickness, crime, addictions, death and more as they are happening. It provides detailed information and images of war, nuclear weapons, biochemical disasters, terrorist attacks, school shootings, murders, rapes, bombings, shootings, kidnappings, gangs, drugs, burglaries, and the list goes on. Also the ongoing concerns regarding Global Warming and the severe effects it has on the world, and in the solar system. This is all hard reality for most to digest. You are become aware of the major global issues, no matter if you want to know or not. It’s all around us.

    It’s difficult to swallow as you’re consistently reminded of these occurrences on a daily basis. Considering most people see and hear about it on television, radio, internet, newspaper, neighbours, friends, etc. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to be part of such a cruel, inhumane world and realizing it isn’t going to get any better then what it is now. Acknowledging, and recognizing the variances; having awareness and understanding about the world can bring forward a heavy weight on one’s shoulders. This is a weight not everyone can manage.

    Individuals cope different ways. Many people lean toward their families/friends, various support groups/professional help, religion and/or spirituality as coping mechanisms; putting their “faith” forward in hopes there will be a “brighter” tomorrow. Some take their anti-depressants that their therapist prescribed, to assist with taking the edge off; labelling them as “Happy Pills”. Others blame their problems, actions, and addictions; not only on their families, but on the “higher power” or superior being above them, as they have nowhere to turn, except to their bottle of pills, alcohol and/or violence.

    Some individuals are lost in translation, as they’re not sure which direction to lean toward. They don’t know what to believe; not only within themselves, but to the outside world. They prefer to remain shadows of themselves. They are heavy thinkers pondering the many philosophies of life, trying to come up with a purpose to all of this madness. Sometimes when a person finds an answer to such questions, they can come up with a solution or at the very least a conclusion… Unfortunately for this, there isn’t one. A definite answer does not exist.

    Many continue their daily lives, not accepting this reality; choosing to remain oblivious and ignorant to the evidence that it brought forward, or they at least refuse to talk about it to their spouses and children. Today’s generation and society seem to have become zombie’s in their own plot, wandering about absently, engrossed with technology.

    As evolution evolves there is sustainable resistance. As we know the inevitable is going to happen… But we don’t know what the “inevitable” is, or when it’s going to come, or how… If an answer, solution, or conclusion doesn’t exist; does this mean by default we are all existentially dead??

  2. Jokier Says:
    October 16th, 2014 at 6:50 pm

    good point- altho i reckon there are a few nice vueens for live music, they just tend to be a bit hidden away. the ivy house in peckham’s pretty sweet for music and atmosphere too!