Treble Charger – Red (Original)

I first heard this on a compilation CD of indie Canadian artists that also featured Hayden and then I seen them live in a concert with Sloan a year later. I prefer this rougher early version from their album “NC-17” over the more polished release on their later “Maybe It’s Me” 3rd album. It’s a great example of that alternative 90’s EMO rock sound, or whatever it’s called these days. Makes me feel old to be nostalgic of music that’s now over 2 decades old. Even the video itself was uploaded to Youtube over 10 YEARS ago. Whoa!!!

“As the red fades from your wrinkled dress
A picture of the people you’ve impressed
Hangs on a wall around here
Vision starts to crawl when I’m near
And the evening waits
While you get caught up to your own mistakes
Made up of different lines
I wouldn’t wanna keep in my mind”

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