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Hinterland Who's Who Loons

The haunting call of the loon is a common sound around lakes in Canada and this government sponsored Public Service Announcement (PSA) was heard just as often coming from Canadian TV sets all across the country in the 1970’s and 80’s. The Hinterland Who’s Who Loons video is probably the best remembered in the series […]

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day! It’s July 1st and that means it’s party time for all Canadians! This is the Canuck holiday where we all drag out the barbeques and a case of beer to hang out with friends all day. We even have a parade and fireworks too! Well, I gotta run and join in the […]

Canadian Bands And Canuck Stuff

I’m from Canada, eh?! Yes, us Canucks all love hockey and beer and eat copious amounts of Kraft Dinner (good ol’ macaroni and cheese!). No, we do not live in igloos and catch fish all day long! It does not snow all year round here either! Remember that. Sure, we talk different, but we do NOT […]