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Be Good Tanyas – Littlest Birds

The Be Good Tanyas trio of lovely ladies combined a mixture of traditional, bluegrass, country and sometimes straight rock and roll to create the album Blue Horse, which is one of my favourite CD’s of all time. It’s impossible to listen to this collection of songs without becoming infected with a case of toe-tapping euphoria […]

Northey Valenzuela – Not A Lot Going On (Corner Gas Theme Full Extended Version)

Corner Gas was a great Canadian comedy (“sitcom”) that ended recently and the theme song was as recognized by everyone as cool as the show itself. Performed by Craig Northey and Jesse Valenzuela previously of the band Odds, the version here is the full extended song rather than the 30 second intro to the TV […]

Hinterland Who's Who Loons

The haunting call of the loon is a common sound around lakes in Canada and this government sponsored Public Service Announcement (PSA) was heard just as often coming from Canadian TV sets all across the country in the 1970’s and 80’s. The Hinterland Who’s Who Loons video is probably the best remembered in the series […]

Friendly Giant TV Show

The Friendly Giant TV show was a classic Canadian children’s program that ran from the 1950’s through to the 80’s and, along with Mr. Dressup, was a staple of every childhood memory from the east to the west coast. The shows were only 15 minutes long and featured Bob Homme as FG and puppeteer Rod […]

McGarrigle Sisters Log Driver's Waltz

The McGarrigle Sisters “Log Driver’s Waltz” version is a classic Canada animated vignette directed by John Weldon in 1979 for the National Film Board (NFB) and based on the Canadian folk song by Wade Hemsworth of the same name. Sung by the Mountain City Four (which included Kate and Anna McGarrigle), it is the tale […]

I am Canadian Molson Beer Commercial

Probably the most famous beer commercial ever! It plays on the stereotypes that many people have about Canadians and our culture in the great white north. Joe, our hero, takes the stage and explains what life in Canada is really like, leading to him proudly shouting to the crowd “I Am Canadian!”, in this Molson’s […]