3. How To Have A Career In Music

Do you want to experience the glamor and fame of a musician or pop star?
Has anyone ever said that you have what it takes to be a superstar?

Well, there are things you need to know first to get noticed by important people in the industry and we're going to teach it to you!
The truth is you need a plan of action to succeed!
Record execs make million dollar deals every day. They have the power to make or break you. This is something you need to accept.

However, by arming yourself with the right knowledge and planning ahead, you CAN be successful doing something you love to do. Your musical career dream can turn into reality with the ideas, advice and steps presented in part 3 of the course.

Nobody said life was easy, but we can help you avoid some of the hurdles and pitfalls that stop most people from going forward.

The main thing is have the DESIRE to be a musician...if you have that then you are well on your way and it starts today! Go from beginner guitar to the next hot superstar now!
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